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Increased safety, with a minimized likelihood for a fatal anaphylaxis episode outcome, due to adherence increase, epinephrine always in good conditions, more understandable instructions (video), etc.


Improved patients’ quality of life, feeling safeguarded.


Improved management: Empowerment of the patient in controlling its own condition.


Peace of mind for parents of allergic children or teens, who currently suffer from huge anxiety due to the high risk their children are exposed to at any time, as the patient is completely covered with our case.


A clinical trial with anAPPhylaxis has demonstrated an increase of satisfaction in the use of autoinjectors from 60% to 80% (p<0.0001) when anAPPhylaxis was used. 88% patients found anAPPhylaxis easy to use and 83% would use it frequently, and adherence to the treatment was significantly increased (p<0.001). Moreover, anxiety decreased “quite” or “a lot” in 95% of patients, and even though 7 anaphylactic events were registered during the study, all of them in the group without medical device.


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