“For years, the battle for patients has taken place in physicians’ desks and leading Medical Conferences, but in the near future, the new battlefield will be Apple Store and Google Play, and the winners will be those who offer real added value to patients”


Disruptive digital IoT patented technology for connecting autoinjectors to internet

  • Real added value for patients (clinical evidence)
  • Differentiation in a crowded and commoditized marketplace
  • Cross-selling with the existing autoinjectors
  • Reimbursement: higher patients compliance
  • Phase IV post-market surveillance, recalls
  • Leadership in Apple and Android stores
  • Social media Integration

Opportunity to enable business models Beyond-the-pill with direct relationship pharma-patient

  • Presence on the patient’s phone screen
  • Drug as a service new scenarios
  • CVS to UPS opportunity

Engaging prescribers (physicians and patient associations)

  • Big data (real-life data)
  • Tangible promotional tool (conferences and medical reps)
  • Clinical evidence: Publications/investigator-driven studies (clinical/scientific “buzz”)

Partnership opportunities to develop engaging patient solutions from concept to market

Wide collaborative scenarios, from prototype Development and data gathering studies to Co-banding, Licensing, or Manufacturing.

Distribution available for selected countries

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