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• Through the Capitall Cell platform
• Project approved by the BioEXpert Netwrok
• Social Impact (Ship2B)



Multi-billion dollar opportunity in the $85B autoinjectors market: Anaphylaxis (ADRENALINE / EPINEPHRINE), Adrenal crisis (HYDROCORTISONE) , Asthma (TERBUTALINE) , Diabetes (INSULIN) , Epileptic seizure (MIDAZOLAM) , Growth Hormone (OMNITROPE), Hypercholesterolemia (EVOCUMAB), Hypoglycemia (GLUCAGON), Migraines and cluster headaches (SUMATRIPAN), Opioid Overdose (NALOXONE) , Osteoporosis (TERIPARATIDA), Rheumatoid arthritis (METHOTREXATE), Sclerosis (INTERFERON BETA 1B), Temporary paralysis in Parkinson’s disease (APOMORPHINE)… more than 300M users by 2026.

Key players:

Ready To Market

  • Solid regulatory strategy (CE Mark, ongoing FDA clearance)
  • US patent US2018/0061208A1 (in process: EU, Japan, China)
  • Clinical Evidence from first Clinical Trial NCT02854969
  • Pharma partnership conversations (Under NDA)
  • Support letters from Medical KOLs and patients associations
  • Extended pipeline, with wide Big-data opportunities
  • High seasoned and proved team lead by Dr. Joaquim Trias (2 IPO, 4 M&A)

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