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Adan Medical Innovation develops integral allergoprotection solutions to save the lives of people who suffer severe allergic reactions, solving the problems of emergency situation management and epinephrine auto-injectors used as a treatment.

This approach reproduces the successful model of cardioprotection and AEDs. It was born from the daily clinical practice of renowned medical specialists who, with patients with anaphylaxis, identified deficiencies in the management of epinephrine auto-injectors used in the treatment of this type of reactions, as well as a lack of coverage in public spaces where the first reactions arise or where the patient is more exposed to allergens (schools, restaurants, shopping centers, airplanes…).

With the help of a first-class multidisciplinary team, medical devices have been developed for the epinephrine auto-injectors that solve the issues reported by the patients during the day-to-day management and during the reaction, with the aim of improving their quality of life and that of their families, both in public spaces and individually.



Multi-billion dollar opportunity in the $85B autoinjectors market: Anaphylaxis (ADRENALINE / EPINEPHRINE), Adrenal crisis (HYDROCORTISONE) , Asthma (TERBUTALINE) , Diabetes (INSULIN) , Epileptic seizure (MIDAZOLAM) , Growth Hormone (OMNITROPE), Hypercholesterolemia (EVOCUMAB), Hypoglycemia (GLUCAGON), Migraines and cluster headaches (SUMATRIPAN), Opioid Overdose (NALOXONE) , Osteoporosis (TERIPARATIDA), Rheumatoid arthritis (METHOTREXATE), Sclerosis (INTERFERON BETA 1B), Temporary paralysis in Parkinson’s disease (APOMORPHINE)… more than 300M users by 2026.

Key players:

Ready To Market

  • Solid regulatory strategy (CE Mark, ongoing FDA clearance)
  • US patent US2018/0061208A1 (in process: EU, Japan, China)
  • Clinical Evidence from first Clinical Trial NCT02854969
  • Pharma partnership conversations (Under NDA)
  • Support letters from Medical KOLs and patients associations
  • Extended pipeline, with wide Big-data opportunities
  • High seasoned and proved team lead by Dr. Joaquim Trias (2 IPO, 4 M&A)

We keep an active approach to provide transparency into our business, development programs and scientific results in a clear and timely manner, as the best way to maintain the confidence of our shareholders, through company announcements, investor meetings, and company presentations so we encourage shareholders, potential investors, investment analysts and other external stakeholders to contact us.

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