Does My Kid Carry His Autoinjector?

Does My Kid Carry His Autoinjector?

Does My Kid Carry His Autoinjector? 2250 1500 Pablo

One of the major concerns for parents with allergic kids is the impossibility to control their actions and choices as they grow up. 

As the child grows, the number of situations which parents have no control over increases: the first day of school, summer camp, sleepovers, birthdays, first dates… For many parents, anxiety peaks with adolescence, having to learn to trust their child and not limit their independence. anAPPhylaxis will offer the possibility to know your child always carries his epinephrine autoinjector in good condition and to be informed the moment a reaction has occurred. Different contacts can be introduced to receive the notifications from the smart case apart from the patient, so providing more independence for your kids will be easier.

A mom was taking her daughter to school one day, meanwhile they picked up one of her friends on the way. As the mother was dropping the girls off, she asked the daughter if she had her EpiPen with her or not.

The daughter was embarrassed to answer around her friend so she lied and told the mother yes. Whenever the girls got out of the car, the mother was suspicious so she checked her AnAPPhylaxis app. She then discovered that the daughter didn’t have her EpiPen after all, so she immediately dropped it off to her at school. Being able to check the app and be positive that her daughter has her EpiPen or not leaves the mother feeling safer and more secure about her child.