Never forget your autoinjector again

Forgetting the auto injector is something normal. With all the everyday problems in mind it is easy to forget something that hopefully you will never need. But, what happens if that day is the day you need it? AnAPPhylaxis will monitor the distance between your mobile phone and the auto injector in order to alert you in case of forgetting, indicating the location of the auto injector. Moreover, in the case of kids or teenagers, this alert can be sent to the parents’ mobile phone.

A family was traveling one day to the airport to go visit family for the Christmas holiday. Their youngest son is 10 years old and is highly allergic to peanuts. When they arrived at the airport, the family accidentally forgot the EpiPen in the trunk of the car. Thanks to AnAPPhylaxis, the family was immediately notified on their cellphone that the child’s EpiPen was not with them and they were luckily able to retrieve it before they got onto the airplane and any severe reactions occurred.

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